Donate to Tip Jar and help keep hospitality together!

Tip Jar


Blackhearts Crew


15 May 2020

Donate to Tip Jar and help keep hospitality together!

Like most people, we’ve been incredibly saddened to witness the effect that recent times have had on friends & colleagues across the hospitality industry - and have been racking our brains about how we can best support as many people and businesses as possible, in a meaningful way.

So, when we found out about Tip Jar, a project from the team at Worksmith, it felt quite serendipitous! Tip Jar is an umbrella relief fund, dedicated to supporting and helping those in need in the hospitality industry.

It’s our great pleasure to have made a $2000 donation to the fund this morning - if you bought Franklin stock, 10% of your purchase has gone towards this donation, with the rest topped up by us here at Blackhearts & Sparrows.

The majority of funds raised will be distributed through partners like StreetSmart, Scarf Community, VOCID-19 EAD, and Frontline Meals - Operation Thank You; the rest will be given directly to people in need by Tip Jar (and a small portion used to help spread the word further to maximise funds raised).

Head on over to their website, make a donation, and spread the word to your friends so that they chip in too. Alongside the general good feelings you’ll get from donating, there’s also the chance to win some great prizes, so have a squiz!

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