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A tale of IPAs and Pale Ales


A tale of IPAs and Pale Ales

What's the deal with Pale Ales and IPAs anyway?

28 Feb 2022

by The Blackhearts Crew


The realm of beer is a many splendored thing - there are breweries in every corner of the world, crafting up unique brews made from all types of ingredients, making for a beer-drinkers dream.

While this diversity is generally an absolute joy to get involved in, it can lead to confusion about styles, and what you can even begin to expect from any can of beer, which is why we’re gonna bring it back to the basics (briefly), and talk about Pale Ales and IPAs (aka India Pale Ales).

Pale Ale vs IPA?

At its core, both sit in the same Pale Ale category: top-fermented ales brewed predominantly using pale malts, with varying degrees of hop inclusions.

What is IPA?

Typically, IPAs are more heavily-hopped and sit at a higher ABV than a brew going under the Pale Ale moniker - historically, IPAs also have a very romantic (but disputed) - but we’re not here to get into semantics, we’re here to talk about tasty beer!

For everything from a lightly hopped Pale Ale, to a decadently hopped IPA (you know the ones, where the labels have about ten letters that all mean something different) - the quantity, type, and method of hop additions can tell you a lot about what you can expect from a beer.

Hops are a natural preservative, but different varieties are prized for their bittering components, aromatic complexity, resinous characteristics, fruity tang, and even spiced qualities. Depending on what the brewer wants to achieve, they can add their hops at different stages to highlight those bitter, aromatic, resinous, fruity, or spice qualities of their chosen hops.

Below is a small selection of some of the delectable beers that we stock, and examples of different stylistic and brewing choices. Start here, or head into your local Blackhearts & Sparrows, have a chat with our friendly staff, and let them point you towards some of their favourites!

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