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We Chat Mythopia Wines, Movies & MF DOOM With Stones Grow's Angus Raddon


We Chat Mythopia Wines, Movies & MF DOOM With Stones Grow's Angus Raddon

Our latest blockbuster releases come from the uniquely fantastic Mythopia Wines and they're the perfect marriage of cinema and wine appreciation.

29 Jun 2022

by The Blackhearts Crew


Our latest blockbuster releases come from the uniquely fantastic Mythopia Wines and they're the perfect marriage of cinema and wine appreciation. You'd be hard pressed to find these wines in Australia over the last few years, so we're thrilled to see them! We spoke to ⁠the importer, and member of the Blackheart's family, Angus Raddon of Stones Grow about all things wine, cinema and even MF DOOM.

Can you tell us a little bit about your import company Stones Grow and what inspired you to take on this endeavour?

I started the company in late 2020. Importing wine was always something I had an interest in, although initially I contacted my first producer just to try and order some personally. When I found out they were not currently being imported into Australia, I thought this was as good a chance as any to bring it in myself. This was also during the middle of covid lockdowns, so like a lot of other people, I had plenty of time on my hands to take on a new project.

You are importing the wine from Swiss producer Mythopia, can you give us some background on Mythopia and how this came about?

Hans-Peter of Mythopia wines is an extremely well know producer of organic and preservative-free wine in Europe. I knew of the high quality and sustainable ethos behind his production and knew they would be very well received in Australia. I contacted Hans-Peter and over the space of several months we came to an agreement; I was able to secure a small allocation of a few of his cuvées.

Hans-Peter has always been a big advocate of regenerative farming, taking over the vineyard in 2004 from a larger commercial producer; he converted the vines to organic farming, and over the space of eight years brought nutrients and wildlife back to the vineyard. Now his plots are full of fruit trees, insects, butterflies, and wildflowers, all mixed in with the vines. He cultivates mainly Pinot Noir, as well as a few alpine white varieties.

Mythopia's wines are each named after an iconic film; can you tell us a bit more about where those movie ties come from?

The movie references are a way of representing the character of each of his wines, without giving direct tasting notes, which is something Hans-Peter tries to avoid, and instead lets the wines speak for themselves. How the references are interpreted, is definitely up anyone that gets the chance to try the wines.

We tasted the wines and they are definitely unique. Can you give us your take on each of the cuvées we are offering here?

Mythopia Pi No Pinot Noir 2017

The Pi No is a great starting wine for anyone trying these for the first time. A small part whole bunch, fermented in steel, and aged in old oak for 2 years. Fresh and juicy, with silky tannins.

Mythopia Blue Velvet Pinot Noir 2017

Blue Velvet is the most structured of the wines, great with charcoal-grilled meats or veggies. Full whole bunch for six months, then aged in old oak for 1.5 years. Dark ripe fruit, alpine herbs, slight smoky edge, grippy tannins.

Mythopia Vagabound Pinot Noir 2017

For me, Vagabond has a great balance between fruit and tannin. Partial whole bunch, aged in smaller format old oak for just over 3 years. Fresh red berries, earthy, and spicy, with soft tannins.

Mythopia Insoumis Pinot Noir 2017

Insoumis is Mythopia's most premium Pinot, hand-selected fruit, partial whole bunch, aged for four years in old oak. This wine is elegant, and floral, with a long finish with tea leaves and baking spice.

Mythopia Shining Pinot Noir 2009

The Shining is an incredibly unique wine. Pinot Noir grapes are macerated for three months, and then aged for 10 years with the barrels never being topped up. Hans-Peter describes this as a "Hyper Oxidised" Pinot, and its tastes like a mix between vin jaune, sherry and cognac. It's definitely a wine that can be shared between a larger group and it will change as it opens up.

Using Hans-Peter's logic, if you were a movie, which one would you be? My friends tell me that things generally work out pretty well for me and that was definitely the case with how the company started, so maybe 80% Ferris Bueller's Day Off and 20% The Mr Bean Movie.

So Hans-Peter's thing is movies, but you're more of a music guy, your business name a nod to record label Stones Throw; what are your top three Stones Throw releases of all time?

I have an MF DOOM portrait tattoo, so these might not be much of a surprise. "Madvillainy" Madvillain, "MMFood" MF DOOM, and "Donuts" J Dilla.

⁠ As these wines are particularly rare, we won't be listing them online. If you'd like to find out more or purchase any of them, please flick us an email at customerorders@blackhearts.com.au⁠ ⁠

Mythopia Blue Velvet Pinot Noir 2017, $262

Mythopia Pi No Pinot Noir 2017, $224⁠

Mythopia Vagabound Pinot Noir 2017, $230⁠

Mythopia Insoumis Pinot Noir 2017, $296⁠

Mythopia Shining Pinot Noir 2009, $284

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