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Presenting: Myf Warhurst’s The Lonely Lady


Presenting: Myf Warhurst’s The Lonely Lady

Presenting The Lonely Lady, for when you need a friend in the fridge.

01 Nov 2020

by The Blackhearts Crew


Born and raised in grape country Victoria, Myf spent her childhood picking grapes table wine, always suspecting some would have ended up in a goon bag. Little did she know back then that the famed Bag In A Box was an Australian invention, created in a town not far from where she lived.

In the debut episode of her podcast Our Place, she tells the story of the innovation of the goon bag, and interviews John Angove, the son of Tom Angove, the inventor of the bag in the box:

John had this to say about his Dad’s idea. “I think once Dad was overseas and saw a product in a box in a plastic bag (I think it was battery acid or something weird like that), and thought hang on that concept could work really well with wine. Let's put wine inside a plastic bag, drop that plastic bag inside a cardboard box. And when you draw the wine off, the flexible bag will collapse on the wine and keep the air away from the wine. What a wonderful idea. It would have been in the mid 1960s, 1965-64, somewhere there. And he came home with this prototype. And I remember saying to him Dad, there's no way in the world that anyone is going to buy good quality wine in a plastic bag inside a cardboard box. It's just not going to happen. Dad said well, we'll see. We'll see”

For Myf, having her own line of wine in a goon bag is a dream come true.

“Now it’s time to fulfill my life’s dream. To make that cheap drop of white wine with a broad, fruity palette that appeals to so many, and, in the spirit of Tom Angove, chuck it in a bag with art deco font, a sepia toned picture of me looking like I’m a cast member of Picnic At Hanging Rock (hey, it’s my Deb photo from 1988, that’s close enough), give it a reasonable price point, and there you have it, The Lonely Lady. For real. For when you need a friend in the fridge. Which, these days, is often.” - Myf Warhurst

You can listen to Our Place at or wherever you get your podcasts.

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