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The Lonely Lady Happy Sack White Wine 1.5L

Australia’s beloved broadcaster and presenter, Myf Warhurst, has long dreamt of having her own wine. We’ve had the pleasure of following Myf’s diverse career throughout Australian television and radio, with her latest endeavor culminating in the launch of her brand new podcast, Our Place. Hosted by Litmus Media, Our Place is a podcast which explores the intricacies of Australian culture, asking the big question: ‘If culture is how we share who we are with the world and how we tell our stories to each other, what is that story right now?’ In an epic collaboration that combines Myf’s aforementioned dream for a wine to call her own, with the Australian cultural icon that is cask wine, Happy Sack Productions have launched The Lonely Lady - a delightfully textual and spicy white blend from the Adelaide Hills. Its a total crowd pleaser for an audience of 1 (or more), and the perfect beverage to sip on whilst listening along to Our Place. Cheers!

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