Red / Nebbiolo


Cappellano Barolo Rupestris

Few conversations could be had about the wines of Barolo without mentioning Cappellano. Founded in 1870, Cappellano is now headed by Augusto Cappellano, after his father Teobaldo passed away in 2009. Teobaldo steered the winery through rough seas during the latter half of the 20th century - a time when industrial viticulture had rendered artisanal producers a dying breed. An early adopter of sustainable farming and proponent of organic and manual viticulture, Teobaldo avoided manipulative winemaking not for aesthetics, but rather for a romantic view of making wine which speaks volumes toward the quality and personality of the wines of Cappellano. This is a legacy that his son, Augusto, is proudly honouring today.


Barolo, Piedmont Italy



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