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Range Brewing Canadian Tuxedo #2 Imperial Pastry Stout

For those of you who don't know, a Canadian tuxedo is a joke term for a denim shirt paired with denim jeans - a reportedly common fashion choice for our Canadian friends. We'll let you take a moment to let that hilarious bit of information sink in before we go about describing this beer. Ready? Great, let's begin.

Range's Canadian Tuxedo #2 is a rich and heavenly imperial pastry stout brewed with - you guessed it - maple syrup. There's also slatherings of vanilla, cinnamon, and lactose to turn the decadence up a couple of extra notches, making for one hell of a delicious winter treat! Just don't spill any on your tuxedo - stouts don't come out in the wash easily.


11.5% ABV

*Contains lactose





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