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3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze Magnum


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A blend of one, two, and three year-old lambic ales, re-fermented in bottle to give the Geuze its famous Champagne-esque effervescence. The base for the lambic is made up of barley malt (60%), unmalted wheat (40%), aged hops, and water - all fermented with native yeasts and matured in oak casks. Complex, dry, and phenomenal drinking. (1500ml) 7.2% ABV

About 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze Magnum

What Am I?

Beer, Sour/Wild

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About Sour Beer

There are many ways you can make sour tasting beers, but there are two main methods you'll see popping up on beer labels today...

  • Kettle Souring: The fastest way to get sour and funky. Kettle souring uses just one strain of bacteria to produce a clean, sour flavour. Lactobacillus is used to sour the wort, which takes just 24-48 hours! Speedy. Yeast is then added and the beer goes through fermentation, just like in any non-sour beer.

  • Mixed Fermentation: Time to get a little more traditional. This method uses a combination of different yeasts and bacteria to ferment and sour the beer. They're usually barrel aged (but not always) and age for months, sometimes years. The resulting beers are complex, with depth and layers—best sipped, not guzzled!

So Which One Should I Drink? If it's 30 degrees and you want something clean and fresh, reach for a kettle soured beer. If your beer nerd mate is coming over to open a few bottles, go for mixed fermentation.

And if you think you don't like sour beer, you probably just haven't found the right one yet.

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